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Ooops, your website have been encrypted!

What happened to my website ?
Your important website files are encrypted. Many of your .php, .css, .js, and other files have been encrypted. Maybe you are busy looking for a way to recover your files, but do not waste your time! Nobody can decrypt your files without our special decryption service. We would like you to know that we have also succeeded in accessing to your database. In case you decided to not pay before the time limit,this script is programmed to publish all the informations obtained from your database in a popular hacker forum and and it will also generate some malicious code that will blacklist your domain .Please think carefully before making any action.

Can i recover my website ?
Sure, we guarantee that you can recover your website safely and easily and this ransomware script will be deleted once you enter the unlock key below. How to get the unlock key? You must pay with Bitcoin.

How do i pay ?
Payment is accepted with Bitcoin only, we are not using Paypal, CC, etc. For more information please click [About BitCoin]. click [Buy The Unlock Key] to get the unlock key. Once you enter the unlock key below this ransomware script will be deleted,and you website will be recovered.

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If you need our assistance, send a message to

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