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11 things your dog wants to say you

Dogs can’t speak as we can. Using body language more than word he wants to say something to us. Here we discuss about it bellow here.

  1. Talk to me: “Please talk to me ” your dog want to say you. when you are silent, your dog come around you and would to say please don’t silent. i can’t see you like this. please talk to me.
    10 things your dog wants to say you
  2. Don’t angry with me: Sometimes i can mistake, then don’t angry with me. Please give me a second chance.
  3. Give me some time: My whole life will be spend for your satisfaction and happiness. All time i can try to make you happy. So pleased don’t ignore me. Give me just some time.
  4. please take care of me when i become old: My life time is very short. In my young time, I spent my all time for yours happiness. But At the end of my age, Please remember me. I am not as young as that time. I am sick, so please take care of me
  5. Think Please, Before you hit me: Animals are Animals. They can’t thinking. so before hiting themselves, just think at once what they feel.
  6. I want to protect you: Do you know you arere the most fantastic person to your dog. He wants to play with you; wants to walk with you. He wants to protect you in very bad situation by rescue his life.
  7. I am not a human: Human can thinking better by using their brain. but your dog haven’t. He only know his master. So when he mistakes, forgive him not hiting.
  8. I can sense when you are in bad mood: You lovely dog feels your situation. When you are a happy moment he also happy. Whn you are a bad moment he can feel it and he feels bad.
    You’re my master, I love you: Pet Animals Care
  9. You’re my master, I love you: Do you know who is the most important person for your dog? Yes, It’s you. You are his master. Your dog loves you very much more than his life. If he would tell, he always told you that he loves you.
  10. I want you to be happy: Whole life, you dogs life, he wants to make you happy. Sometimes he licking you. He can slept with you. He is ready to play with you. All those means he actually wants to make you happy all time.
    I want you to be happy: All About Pet And Animals Care
  11. You are the best: Your dogs want you say you. “You are a smart man. You are the best. “

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